Welcome to JACKPOTT!

Our organization offers social support, friendship, and education to families with multiples, parents expecting multiples, and parents who have experienced the loss of a multiple. Whether you have twins, triplets or more, our members know what it’s like to have hands and hearts full. Year after year, lasting friendships are made with the help of our club. Only another parent of multiples understands the benefits and challenges that raising twins, triplets and more presents.

Our private, members-only Facebook Group will keep you informed regarding all club activities. We offer our members educational information at member meetings, family social events, moms nights out, and most importantly, support for parents of multiples.

We welcome new members and encourage you to attend your first member meeting free of charge. Meeting information can be found on our “Meetings” tab. If you are ready to register, please click on our “Registration” tab.  Please contact us at info@jackpotts.org for more information.

JACKPOTT is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

JACKPOTT is a member of the national organization Multiples of America, as well as the Florida Organization of Mothers of Twins Club (FOMOTC).